Calendly is not running. Would you like to run it now?




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    Tim DaGraca

    Hi Brent,

    Sometimes, restarting or turning off the computer can disrupt the plug-in. Since you're using Office 365, you can connect using our Office 365 integration. That way, you can sign into your Office 365 profile on any Outlook client on any device and your events will populate.gsoutlook1_25.png

    Think of it like this–Office 365 is a cloud-based connection and our Outlook plug-in is a locally-based connection:

    • With Office 365, Calendly posts directly to the cloud (and that information is pulled from applications like your iPhone calendar, or Outlook desktop software.)
    • With our Outlook Plug-in, Calendly posts events directly to the Outlook desktop program on the computer it's installed on. In this case, events don't show up any other device because they aren't "saved" there.

    If you still prefer the plug-in, though, then you must ensure that Calendly for Outlook (the plug-in) runs on startup. You can do so using these instructions.

    If you have further questions, then please reach out to support here.

    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    Brent Gray

    Thanks for the ideas, Tim, but it really doesn't address the issue.

    First, I don't use use Outlook via Office 365 in the cloud, nor do I want to. I use the desktop version for good reason and your plug-in works great .... when it's running.

    Just this morning I experienced the exact same issue I first described above. I went to manually add a calendar item in my Outlook and a 'Calendly for Outlook' window popped up saying, "Calendly is not running. Would you like to run it now?" Please note that I have NOT restarted Outlook or my computer.

    So, the questions are still the same: What could cause Calendly to suddenly stop running? What can I do about it? And how would I know it had stopped running if I hadn't tried to manually add a calendar item in Outlook?

      - Brent

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