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    Kendall Berger

    Hi Denys,

    You can add UTM parameters to the Calendly link that is on your LinkedIn page and track Calendly bookings from LinkedIn that way. At this time, you cannot add Javascript to your Calendly booking page, so you are not able to add the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

    You are also unable to add a Facebook tracking pixel to your Calendly page. This is because the Calendly booking flow runs on frames at this time and not pages. Will you please up-vote and add your use case to this post on our idea-base to help the idea gain traction? Our product team monitors activity on this page on a daily basis to see what ideas have momentum and to gain inspiration on how to improve the Calendly experience!

    In the meantime, you may be able to use our automatic redirect feature on our Pro plan to achieve some of your conversion tracking goals. If you choose to redirect to a different URL instead of our confirmation page, you could add the Facebook Pixel tracking code or the LinkedIn Insight Tag to the redirected page. You can set a redirect link under the "Confirmation Page" section of your event type settings:

    Kendall Berger
    Senior Product Specialist

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