Assign a Calendly event to another team member



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    Kendall Berger

    Hi Andrés,

    Teams that have multiple team members who can be scheduled for an event use our Round Robin event type, which will allow your invitees to book an appointment at any time at least one assigned team member is available. Check out this video on how this event types works!

    This event type could help you achieve your need to reassign an event to a specific team member because once a round robin event is scheduled, you have the option to choose a team member when you reschedule the event:

    This will let you reassign the event to any team member included in the round robin event. This can be a great option if you need to free up a team member to participate in another event or if a team member is out sick!

    Kendall Berger
    Senior Product Specialist

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    Monique Mensah

    I need this option as well for my team.

    • We want client's to have the same trainer, so sometimes we will need to re-assign a training to another trainer.
    • If someone is sick, we want to be able to re-assign the training event to another trainer.

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