Different from emails for different events?



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    Tim DaGraca (Edited )

    Hi Andrew,

    This is not possible as the from field is going to be tied to Calendly with a reply-to field that's tied to your login email for that Calendly account. One option is to change your login email to be one that's generic.

    From that email account, you can set up forwarding filters to automatically forward all emails (based on event type and/or subject title) received from notifications@calendly.com to your specific business emails.

    Another option would be to have a separate Calendly account per business; that way, you can share the links from each one as necessary.

    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    Mick Liubinskas

    I also want this feature!

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    Lynn Smargis

    Yes, please add this feature! 

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