Populate SMS field from url parameter




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    Hannah McIntosh

    Hi Mathieu,

    Thank you for submitting this idea! While I don’t have a target date on when we will offer pre-populating the sms reminder field, I can share your suggestions with the team to discuss further.

    Hannah at Calendly

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    Automatic Meetings / Citas Automáticas

    +1 on this. If you can pre-populate any other field. Pre-populating the sms reminder field would be great!

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    Tierklinik Düsseldorf Zentrum

    I rapidly conntected support regarding this. Their answer was that it wont be autofillable due the OPT IN for getting SMS. Maybe some people provide phone number but do not want SMS: I think therefore it could be a YES OR NO Question if they want SMS and autofill the number if they choose yes.

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