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    Hannah McIntosh

    Hello all,

    Happy to let you know that we have released our Intercom integration!

    Ready to start scheduling meetings using Calendly and Intercom? Head to the Intercom app store and install Calendly. If you have specific questions, check out the Help Center article or reach out to our team at


    Hannah at Calendly

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    Evgeni Glinets

    We would like to hear more about the beta. 

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    Lars Böhnke

    Adhoc feedback after installation:

    • I'd link to link my account rather than pasting a booking link into. Of course it is an improvement for the user so its ok, but I definitely like to see that later.
    • I' also like to see localization based on the users settings
    • The time format should be available in 24h format (we are located in Germany and this is totally unusual)
    • Is there a possibility to fill data in the form with data from Intercom? I mean, email, name, phone potentially already exists for the Intercom user so why should one enter it again?
    • Loading times of the widget could be a little better
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    Greg Kockott

    App looks great, well done! There are just two comments from my side. 

    • We like to give visitors the opportunity to setup demo with us from the Intercom Messanger Home Screen. However, when trying to add Canendly from the Apps interface it doesn't seem to allow us. This would be a great addition without any further development required. 

    • I noticed when booking a demo that I had to reenter my contact details on the demo page even though I had already entered these details on Intercom. Is there any way to pass this data across to prevent to duplication of data. 

    Otherwise, good work!

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    Parge Alexandru

    I would like to join beta.

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    Courtney Attebery

    Hi everyone! Thank you for your feedback thus far!

    • We have now enabled the ability to add Calendly to your Messenger Home, as a few of you requested
    • We are looking in to the ability to auto-fill details your invitees have already entered to eliminate that redundancy
    • We are investigating the slow loading times

    Please let us know if you have any further questions and stay tuned for more!

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    Hi ! I would like to join the beta too... :)

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    Josiah from Odysius

    Hi! The release of this is awesome! One primary issue though.

    Is there plans to integrate mapping fields to Intercom submitting users/leads (i.e. email, phone number, etc)?

    This would be the only reason we aren't moving forward with Calendly!


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