Website designer setting up for client...New user - need some help please


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    Kendall Berger

    Hi Scott,

    Calendly does not have an affiliate program at this time. We will be sure to let our users know if this changes in the future!

    If your customer is having a difficult time setting up their Calendly account, here is a link you can share to a pre-recorded webinar on how to use the settings and features within an account. There is even a link to a Live Q&A Session at the end for any additional questions. If your customer is running into difficulty that requires troubleshooting, please have them reach out to and we will be happy to help!

    Within team accounts, each user can have different assigned roles that affect the level of permission and access they have in the team account. You can read more about this here. If your customer will only needs one user and you want to have access to their account, have the customer create their account with a Calendly-specific password that they can share with you!

    Calendly does not charge any additional fees for using our Stripe or PayPal integrations other than the cost of the Pro subscription. I hope this helps!

    Kendall Berger
    Senior Product Specialist

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