Ability to CC/BCC another person to the appointment confirmation email




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    Hannah McIntosh (Edited )

    Hi all,

    Happy to let you know that we now allow your invitees to add guests on the booking flow. Check out more about the new feature here!

    Hannah at Calendly

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    Karen Rice

    I agree this would be helpful.  Thought I'd reply in case that supports moving this up on the dev list.

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    Zachary Richheimer

    Same here. We would find this helpful as well.

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    Nick Phibbs

    FYI Karen and Zachary  - I have a call with the UX/UI team about this in a few days... any general thoughts you might have let me know.



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    Charlie Wang

    Also would be useful for our time to also automatically invite another person to the event created. 

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    Marius Tendick

    Hi, yes also for me it would be a really helpful feature.

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    Tisha Klemetz

    I was just looking to see if I could add an extra email to the confirmation... Please add this feature soon!

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    Tisha Klemetz

    In the meantime I think I can do a filter in Gmail with auto forwarding to another account.

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    Sinead Hewson

    I agree too


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    Hillary Quirk

    The ability to cc someone would be really helpful. Without this our team has to manually do so, which is hard to scale. Might as well schedule these manually from the start in that case.

    Use case:
    An account manager wants to make sure their client is scheduling necessary meetings with other team members (ex: meeting with legal, compliance, etc), but doesn't necessarily need to be in all those meetings.

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    David O'Keefe


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    Christopher O'Bannon

    The inability to do this may actually force us to discontinue use of this product. We need proof that email confirmation was sent out to our customers and being CCed on the email seems like the best way to do that. This should be pretty easy to implement, and I'm honestly not sure why you haven't already. 

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    Restoration Marketing Group

    any updates on this feature? i agree with everyone, this would be REALLY beneficial for everyone!

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    Amber Gray

    This is the only thing keeping me from purchasing. I am an assistant, so I have to have the ability to see when an appointment has been scheduled with the advisors I work for. Since I can't be CC'd on the confirmation, it puts me on edge that they are actually adding these confirmations to their schedule. 

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    Christian Lavender

    Very much needed. Having to setup a zap to send an email.

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    Thanks Amber Gray.   I agree.  I would like to have the calendar reminder be copied to my team.


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    Anthony Edwards

    I agree

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    Select an appointment time

    I need this feature asap!

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    Dee Sicklesteel, Sales Manager, Aprio Inc.

    Yes, please! My SDR books my appointments, so I have to forward them to her when they come in. Annoying. Please push this up the roadmap list!!

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    Alex Kall

    +1. I need to be kept in the loop as bookings are made with the team and there's currently no easy way to do that. The "add guest" feature noted above is nice on the client side, but that does not address what this group seems to be looking for. I need internal cc'ing. 

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    Allison Boyd

    I need this feature! We have sales teams across the nation and they need to be cc'd when one of their prospects sets an appointment!

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    Matt McLean - Church Marketing Expert

    +1 - this feature is huge! Needed!


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