SURVEY: Multiple Calendar Support



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    Financial Leaders of America

    Greetings, what's the update on resolving this issue? As you can see from other threads, this feature is in high demand! Thanks!

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    Hannah McIntosh


    While I don't have a target date on when we will support this feature, I can say that we are actively investigating this problem.


    Hannah at Calendly

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    The King's Company

    It would be very helpful for me!!! Why? So I can run ONE link in my ads that leads to set up call times within multiple calendars


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    Maya Odei

    similarly if i mark myself unavailable on one calendar; i want that slot to show as unavailable on all calendars 

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    Bespoken Bureau

    hello - has this been resolved? 

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    I would like this so I can reserve 1 person and a room at the same time


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    Just to add...  as a consultant, I have multiple work accounts as I am required to use client work accounts for some projects.  Being able to use Calendly across multiple accounts would definitely be awesome but also ability to easily add/change/remove across multiple platforms as well.  I hope this feature comes soon!

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    I'd like this as well - I have meetings scheduled on different calendars (different O365 accounts) and would like to have Calendly schedule appointments considering availability across all calendars - that would be a life saver! Thanks

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    Damayanti Dipayana

    Same! I have consultant projects (often have an email address of the company I consult for...) and I have my own company. 

    So, when I'm available on 1 calendar, it may very well be that I am not available on another calendar. 


    Thank you!


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    Roxann Amyotte

    Me too, Just started working with organization that uses Calendly. It will not check availability on my other google calendars. Frustrated!

    Thanks for working on this!

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    Nicole Herinckx

    Same! Need this feature!

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    Jonathan Mathes

    This is useless to me unless it can sync availability through multiple calendars... work, personal..etc.


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    Erin Tripolino

    I definitely need this as well. This problem is the only reason I decided to pay for the service, so I'm truly disappointed!

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    Sam Gibbons

    Hi all. I have a bit of a temporary work-around for this multiple calendar scenario - it worked for me; so hopefully will work for you too!

    This work around involves sharing your outlook calendars with the one Calendly is connected to.

    1) In Outlook go into your calendar view; and on the left hand column below where it says 'My Calendars' right click on one of the calendars which you want to 'share' with the calendar Calendly is connected to - and then click 'Sharing Permissions'. 

    2) Under Permissions; select 'Add...' and then enter the contact details for your main Calendly-linked calendar. For the Permissions choose 'Can view when I'm busy'. Then click 'OK'.

    3) Head into your Calendly account - choose 'Calendar connection' from the main settings dropdown menu - then you should see the calendar you have just shared under 'Check calendar for conflicts'. From here you can simply select the additional calendar and it will then stop Calendly from showing you as free in accordance with both the main connected calendar and the shared calendar.

    I only tried this with one additional calendar (as that's all I need to share). Assuming you can do this for multiple calendars but just proceed with care as this is obviously not a feature suggested by Calendly and I'm not an Outlook calendar whiz!

    Hope this helps someone :)

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    Jaclyn Hawtin

    Looking forward to this feature, I need it bad.

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    Greg Wilson

    Sam Gibbons - Trying on Office365. I guess it won't work for me due to enterprise access, because I can only share to email address or internal contact name. Thanks for the effort though.

    Communicating availability over all calendars at once is the only reason I looked into Calendly. Without it, this tool is not useful for me. I will keep monitoring in hopes that this changes very soon.

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    Joshua Robinson

    I'll add my voice to this feature. I have multiple gmail work cals and have to do some crazy workarounds. Please add the ability to check more than one calendar when people book. 

  • I am checking on this as well.  I have multiple calendars and it would be great if Calendly worked across all of my calendars.  I have a MAC and all of my calendars integrate (google calendar, etc.). This would be good if you could come up with a solution. Right now, I have a Calendly account (actually, I have two).  It would be great if I could merge both accounts into one system.  It needs to be more flexible and user-friendly.  I would LOVE that.  Please keep us posted on the updates.

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    Alex Wolfram

    Me too,  MS Echange company calendar and my own iCloud calendars. 

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    Leesha Doecke

    Please bring this feature in soon. Atm it is the main reason we aren't using calendly. In reference to the survey, I think it should be a standard feature, rather than paying extra for it. 

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    Rachael Fisher

    I would learn to do backflips to celebrate the resolution of this issue. And capture it on film. And you could laugh. That's got to be worth something. :) I use calendly to schedule work meetings, but as a busy s mom, I have SEVEN other calendars to manage between personal, kid, team, school events. I'm not even kidding. SSSEEEEVVVEEEENNNN. And I wind up having to watch calendly like a hawk and/or duplicating entries. Looking forward to changes and generally love your service! xoxo

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    Kate Leto

    This is really the only reason I'd use Calendly - and really thought you'd offer this. Without this feature, there's no use case for me :(

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    Joseph Atallah

    that would be great if we can add this feature.

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    Sierra Cook (Edited )

    Can't use without Calendly reading ALL my google calendars together. So disappointed i wasted my time on a productivity hack that isn't productive. 

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    James | 1776 United

    Cmon guys this is a must have. Please get an update out soon. I’m adding my voice here as I’ve been needing this feature for months now.

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    Justin Mosebach

    Any update on this? It has to be one of the most requested features.

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    Iryna Sulim


    how is it that in one of the  tutorial emails you show that the connection of several calendars is possible and in actuality it is not as of yet. 

    And as everyone else I m looking for an update for this pls?

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