PREVIEW: Early access to the upcoming calendar view




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    Katie (Edited )

    Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone! To answer a few questions regarding this update:

    • The new month view will be released to every account in February. See here.
    • Our current view has served us well, but it will be retired with this release. Users will not be able to switch between views.
    • Part of this release includes auto-detecting invitee location to determine the display of your available times in either 24-hour or AM/PM format.
    • All of your integrations, notifications and settings will remain unchanged. This update will not affect Calendly’s functionality, but it will improve your invitees’ scheduling experience!

    Stay tuned for more!

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    Ariel Margolis

    Very cool!!! Looking forward to using it.

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    Laura M. Bryan

    Thank you! This is great news! I can't wait to see it in action.

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    Stefanie dos Santos

    Yes, I love it! Thanks so much. That's what I've been waiting for.. :) 

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    Greg Cross

    Love! When can I start using it?

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    Kevin Hansen

    Will the current view still be an option? While this month view looks great, people I schedule times with have commented often on how easy the large day selectors are, especially on mobile devices.

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    Kilan Anderson

    I like it!

    I hope you add a feature where both parties get a text message alert about an appointment

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    Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

    Many thanks - Great initiative, keep on keeping on!

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    Jake Duffy

    looks good.Jake

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    David Hunter

    Nice! Any chance this will help with adding event defaults to the Ad Hoc system as well? Month view is probably unrelated, haha, but maybe not? 😊 I think a number of users really want to see Ad Hoc improved. I would add it to emails all day if-so.

    Anyhow, thanks again & great job Calendly!

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    Suzanne Ross, CPA CMA

    Great news.  Thank you. Looking forward. 


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    Steve Allbritton, CFP®

    Most excellent!


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    Elizabeth Donato - Certified Health Coach

    Looks amazing. I am excited to start using it.

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    LaVerne F Martins

     I love this Program and I have been using it for 2 years on my contract recruiting positions. I am very pleased that Tradesmen is going to introduce calendly!


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    Edwin Schoonheim -

    Great update. Maybe now you can find the time to add the long-awaited affiliate program? It’s been 18 months since we requested this. Come on!

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    Looking forward to using it. Been a huge fan of Calendly for years now. Keep up the awesome work!. :)

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    Giacomo Gigliarelli - MathWorks Inc

    Lovely ... sign me up for the beta 

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    Lois Hall

    i have integrated my Zoom scheduler with the Calendly platform so that when they sign up - they get a zoom connection for the meeting right within their confirmation.   Will that integration carry through or will I need to re-establish it?  I hope it stays...  thanks.


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    Kimberley McAdams

    Looks great- How about a recurring meeting option? That would be amazing!

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    Kenna Dee

    YES!!!  Thank you!

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    Russell Swanker

    This looks like a nice update. One thing, please consider making the Time Zone more obvious—I've had customers in other time zones not notice that the calendar was in Eastern, not Mountain (for example). I'm concerned that the time zone info in the new view may still not be obvious enough. 

    That said, I'm excited for this new view!

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    Anita Pagin

    Love it ... thanks for expanding this!  Any thoughts as to when the Calendly team will expand abilities to integrate Calendly with Lever and other ATS?

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    Elke Reimer - Success Coach, Riskalyze

    Nice update!

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    Tracey Powers

    I like it too!

    I too hope you add a feature where both parties get a text message alert/reminder about an appointment.  Good idea! Thanks Kilan Anderson.

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    Mike Wittenstein

    Count me in. Happy to help any way you need it ;-)

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    Sasha Cibrian

    definitely a fan, one question - can contacts only book up to a week in advance? that's what my calendar is showing

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    Chris Pyak

     I love this! I was hoping for this feature for a long time. 

    It's much more engaging for clients if they see a calendar instead of single dates.

    What would be even better:

    When you add a calendar who leads to a second page - where the clients can choose from the different services that you offer.

    And big praise for integrating EUR in PayPal.

    Now I will switch completely from vCita to you guys! :)

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    Liam Kelly

    Looks very suitable to me as I'm expecting my new year to be busy.

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    Joanna Broussard

    Looks like a great upgrade!! Thanks for making it easier for everyone to use!!

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    Deborah Buma

    This is a great bonus to my clients who routinely schedule time on my calendar.  Looking forward to this great upgrade!!


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