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    Hannah McIntosh


    Thank you for submitting this idea! Calendly is designed to take the back and forth out of scheduling, so we do not have a feature that will poll availability through voting. However, you can share a group event that enables multiple invitees to book the same time slot with your invitees so that they can each book the times that work for them. 

    While I don't have a target date on when we will offer invitee polling, I can share your suggestions with the team to discuss further.


    Hannah at Calendly

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    Jesse Bowers
    I would love to schedule groups of people who are not a part of the organization or a calendly team. So basically, I am the only calendly subscriber, but want to meet with say two volunteers outside of my organization. Calendly would only look at my schedule, but not offer any way for the two volunteers to schedule with me in a way that works for both of them. 
    I would love to be able to offer, say 3 days, with all my open slots present. The 2 volunteers then click all the slots that work for them and then calendly chooses one that works for all three parties or four or five.
    That ultimately would take calendly to the next level for me and would save my admin HOURS a month in work. 
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    Carlos E. Torres

    I also have the same issue.

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    Siya Nhlumayo

    I support this feature

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    Nigel Rawlins

    I would like this feature too


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