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    Hannah McIntosh

    Hello all,

    Thanks for the feedback on group event duration! You are correct. With Group Events, if someone has signed up at one point (even if it was cancelled), the event duration locks.

    Luckily, if no one is signed up, you could always clone the event and change the duration of the new event. If you wanted to use that same URL, delete the old event and rename the new cloned event's URL. You can clone an event from your Event Type page by clicking the gear icon to the right, and selecting Clone.

    That said, I can understand the frustration and confusion this causes you. I am happy to pass along your request to the team.


    Hannah at Calendly

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    Creativity, Inc.

    Has this been resolved? We set up an event with 30 minute duration, but realize we could use 15 minutes. This would not alter the people that are already signed up on the hour and half hour.

    How can we add times at 15 and 45 minutes past in an on going event?

    Thank you!

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    Creativity, Inc.

    This really should be fixed - what pain to have to create a new event.

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    Ventura Superior Court Legal Self-Help Webinars

    I agree this is a pain. This really needs to be corrected. It is causing a tremendous amount of work for our court webinars. 

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    Pollen SF

    Just piggy backing off of this. This is a terrible design choice. I've 8 different booking links for consumer research (basically setting up different links for males and females across four different age ranges). 

    I need change the time on these. You're telling me I have to duplicate all 8 just to make the event longer? 

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    Rose K


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    Tricia Carr

    Please fix this! I don't see why this is a challenge for Calendly's tech to resolve. I am discovering new glitches like this regularly and they do not seem to get resolved even after a few months of being requested, such as this message board reflects. 

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    Webinar Help

    This is a critical fix.  Otherwise, it creates extra work.  Not good.

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    Dress for Success South East Melbourne - CC

    Note peoples, that if you do clone the event after a booking has been made using the original event, the cloned event may have issues adding new bookings to the calendar.

    It can come up with a message like, "no times in May" view next month.

    I also tried to set the event to ignore calendar conflicts, but it ignored me!!

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