Beta Program: Embed a preview of your event type's availability directly in your email



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    Lydia Peyton

    This feature is going to be incredibly helpful! One thing that would be great is to be able to select the times that you want to add in the email (similar to the Ad-hoc) versus just using the first 3 times available. I work with all of our West Coast clients so we would never really send anything before 12pm EST. This also means that most of my mornings are typically open and would always display times that I wouldn't send. 

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    Tanya Geertsema

    Thanks for always trying to make Calendly even more amazing! While it does save a bit of searching if one of the 9 possible times suits, that's about the only benefit I see.  We would need to have the ability to change time zones functioning for it to work for us, and then as the previous comment mentions, we probably wouldn't send it from East to West, because they probably wouldn't want a 6am appointment, so we'd just send the main link, which kind of defeats the need of this 'extra'.

    This just give me another opportunity to encourage you to instead working on 'ad hoc' meetings - being able to customize the email that is sent with them, reminders, etc. 

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    Lars Phillips, CFA, CFP®

    Another absolutely spectacular feature and step in the right direction. Especially with the “Need another time? See full list of times” tocuh.

    With that said I’ll echo Lydia’s sentiment about choosing times, given that often we’ll want to suggest times in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning. But even without the more perfected version, this is still a tool we’ll use a ton.

    Idea... maybe when you click on a date for the embedded availability in email... that then shows you which times are available on that day, and then you can click on up to three of them.

    Keep up the amazing work. You’re transforming how we work and saving us HOURS of scheduling headache every week!


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    Amy Haderer

    Count me in! :)

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    Godwin Johnson


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