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    Eylon Sultan (Edited )

    Is it redirect the parent page or just the calendly iframe?

    were there any changes in the past day? because that behavior has changed.

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    Shannon Jimenez

    Hi Eylon,

    We have just released new functionality that will open the redirect page in a new browser window instead of redirecting within the iframe!

    If you have additional questions or concerns about this change, please feel free to reach out to

    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    Sara at The Market League

    Hi Shannon,

    How can I grab the specific meeting details to include on my 'redirect' confirmation page? I still want the event details to include on my custom thank you page.

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    Shannon Jimenez (Edited )

    Hi Sara,

    Calendly will pass information about the meeting to the redirected site by attaching parameters to the URL when they arrive. Use this information to show event information, or track conversions more easily by monitoring each meeting being booked.

    With the Redirect to an external site option selected, you can add the URL of the website you would like to send invitees once they schedule with you. Calendly will append variables to the link that include event and invitee information. Use these to build custom content on your site:

      event_start_time (in invitee timezone (iso8601 format))
      event_end_time (in invitee timezone (iso8601 format))
      invitee_first_name (when applicable)
      invitee_last_name (when applicable)
      invitee_full_name (when applicable)
      invitee_payment_amount (when applicable)
      invitee_payment_currency (when applicable)
      utm_source (if available) 
      utm_medium (if available) 
      utm_campaign (if available)
      utm_content (if available)
      utm_term (if available)

    With the help of a developer, you should be able to create a GET request to then display this information on your thank you page. :)

    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    Max Corbeau

    Hi Shannon,

    Do you guys also provide invitee_email as URL parameter?





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    Craig Dunk

    Is there a technique to restore the behaviour identified above where the redirect occurs within the iframe rather than redirecting the top page?  

    We are looking for this capability as it allows us to to continue on with a workflow.  

    As an alternate capability to implement this, it would be very convenient if a value could be provided when the calendly link is opened that would be provided back to the redirect page.  If something like that was available that capability would facilitate this pattern for us as well. 

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