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    Shannon Jimenez (Edited )

    Hi Sara,

    Currently the options are to completely remove or include the cancel/reschedule options from the Invitee Notifications. We do not have an option that will limit these to a specific time frame.

    However, I'm sure the Product team would be interested in this idea and how it would be beneficial to your use case! Will you please add your preferences here on our idea-base so other users with similar needs can comment on and up-vote your idea? Our product team monitors this page daily for inspiration to help smooth out our user experience!

    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team


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    Sara Mitchell

    Can you allow users the option to have a cancellation/reschedule option but limit it to a specified time frame.  Currently you have this for scheduling to prevent last minute scheduling, but it seems like cancellation/rescheduling are still all or nothing.  It would make users experiences more streamlined if they didn't have to choose between managing all cancellations/reschedules manually, or allowing them to happen up to the last minute, despite the written cancellation policy in their notes.

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    Clinic Lémanic (Edited )

    I second this request. I'm using Calendly for a team of doctors. There's no point in having a 24h prior to event cancellation or reschedule policy with links if I cannot enforce this by deactivating cancellation and reschedule 24h before. 

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