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    Tim DaGraca

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the feedback! With Calendly, your personal connected calendar can be used whenever you want to blackout dates across all of your event types. This is because Calendly looks to this calendar as the central place from which it draws your actual availability.

    As @Ant Pugh shared, you can add an all-day BUSY event to your schedule and Calendly would see that event as a conflict and remove availability for that corresponding date in all of your Calendly event types. 

    On the flipside, Calendly is capable of setting availability for multiple event types at the same time. To do so, you can utilize our Bulk Actions Toolbar:

    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    Schedule Phone Appt w/ Real Estate By Janay

    Is there a way to block calendar easier?

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    Michelle Morand

    where are we at with this? i need this function too thank you


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