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    Tim DaGraca

    Hi @Lynne McCormick,

    Happy to help here!

    If you are an invitee who also uses Calendly, then please note that the scheduled event would not show up in your Calendly account; instead, it'd show up on your Google Calendar. In this case, it sounds like it could be one of the following:

    • The woman's Calendly account didn't have any more availability (hence it being greyed out) or
    • The Calendly admin (could be the woman, or someone else) changed the account information to be that of someone else's, as it would be in swapping team members' scheduling links
    • The link that you access is wrong; or, was changed on the backend

    As the invitee, you only have the email notification as confirmation of your meeting. By any chance, have you tried your spam folder? While not likely, they can sometimes end up there. If it's there, Also, try whitelisting or adding the IP address to your safe senders' list so that you can avoid this in the future!

    Please let me know if this helps!


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    Varidus Marketing Team

    Hi Calendly reps and Shannon, can we not do a zapier zap from a calendly notification to other people's calendars? That might solve the problem. Can you show us how to do the zap? My team wants to know which appointments they should jump on and we can capture the team member's name in the invite easily as part of the booking form.

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