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    Zachary Smith

    Hey all,

    We recently released automatic redirect! Using Katie's idea of creating a file request URL through a service like Dropbox plus the new automatic redirect feature would bring the invitee directly to your upload page after booking. This takes all the work off of the invitee.


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    Michael Mittleman Career Services Plus

    Interesting but not really useful since uploading a resume to a shared service will freak out my clients that they resume will be public.  You really need the ability to upload a file when booking an appointment

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    Operations at Energetek

    I agree, uploading at the time of scheduling is preferred. 

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    Nancy Gamble

    We have an ATS and we could possibly include a link to the registration page. Unfortunately though there will be two files, the one Calendly will create automatically and the one the candidate uses to create a profile.  

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    Katie Hunt

    This is the one feature that prevents me from moving to Calendly -- the ability for customers to upload a file when they book a time. 

    I want our podcast guests to be able to upload their photo when they book a time.  Sure, we could ask them to link it from Dropbox or send them to a dropbox folder to share it... but that is more work for them and creates a clunky workflow.  We'd end up spending lots of time chasing people for images.   

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    Why I'll Never Make It

    Yes, Katie Hunt, I'm running into the same problem. Google Forms solves this problem but does not have an easy way to book sessions nor is its response layout easy to navigate and utilize. So a way to combine Calendly and Google Forms would be ideal. For now I'm stuck using both and creating more work for myself and my podcast guests. :/

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    Having the ability to allow the Invitee to upload to the Appointment time when selected would be a great feature to add. I second the opinions above, you can also allow for a link but the upload is the game changer. We are trying to use this to schedule Interviews and its a two step process to track the resume down to store it centrally so the attendees can get to it when they meet with the candidate.


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    Tim DaGraca (Edited )

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for all the great feedback. I can see how this could be helpful. Will share with the team.


    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    Amy Assefaw/AEI Accounting & Tax Service

    Hi all, that was one thing missing with scheduling our tax clients during this tax season.  I just added our secure link url to calendly... Hope this work.



    AEI Accounting & Tax Service

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