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    Joelle Waksman

    Hi Tim! 

    There is nothing additional for you to sign or execute -- by accepting the Terms of Use, the DPA is already in place for you! If you have additional questions, please email us at support@calendly.com.

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    Tim Ebert

    Hi Katy, thanks for the post. We'd like to accept the DPA you guys posted here: https://calendly.com/pages/dpa. How do we do that? I did not see a pre-signed version we could sign and send back to you. Best, Tim

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    Tim Ebert

    Hi Joelle, thanks for your reply. I am not sure if this is enough, though. In my opinion you need a signed DPA with the processor if you process personal data from EU citizens. I will write to support@calendly.com.

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    Julian Heck

    Hi, I also think that we have to sign a DPA. How can we do that?
    Best, Julian

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    Bobby Riegel


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