option for invitees to be able to view multiple days' availability all at one time vs. only one day at a time



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    Felix Hu

    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for submitting this idea! We are evaluating a number of ways for users to customize the booking flow, so this is very helpful. Will share with the product team!


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    Philipp Sauer

    I love Calendly's layout and look. However, sometimes the following probel occurs: 

    In Calendly one sees days and one needs to "open" every day, check the hours and if they don't fit you, you need to go back and repeat the process.

    That is sometimes extremely inconvenient. 
    Is there any special reason why you decided to choose this layout? 
    Because this might interrupt the simple interface again :/

    Is there any way to change that appearance or do you plan to make changes / adjustments to it in future?

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    Sara Mitchell

     I need more user friendly functionality for clients viewing my availability.  I schedule for 1-3 months of lessons at a time, and I would like my clients to be able to view my availabilty more like a Google Calendar view option, with day, week, month, quarter, or year options.  I do not like that they have to scroll through weeks of little circles and click in each one to find what might be available. 

    Another option within the little circles would be a popout that shows up when you hover over a date, to preview what appointment slots are still open.

    Also, I have clients who sometimes have very specific scheduling needs, for example, they can only do 4pm appointments on Tuesdays, or 9am Mondays and Wednesdays.  If the calendar had a search function, that could show them all the dates where I have openings that match their time/day of week parameters, it could save them a lot of time scrolling and clicking date by date to see if I still have those openings.

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