My clients book me per/day and over a number of days. Is there a way for me to set this up in Calendly?



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    Felix Hu

    Hi Matt,

    You can set up an event type that occupies a whole day, but you currently cannot allow clients to book multiple days or weeks in a single booking. They would have to book those days separately.

    The additional information to provide visibility into your availability is interesting and I can share that with the product team to see how that might match with some of the other use cases we are studying.

    Thank you!


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    Peyton Fenner

    I do the same thing (Pet sitting, overnights) and cannot find any good scheduling platform to fit this need. Calendly would really fill a need/specific niche is y'all developed a way to do that!

    I need people to be able to book a number of days at a time, instead of me setting an appointment time. Each client and their needs are different so I need them to be able to specify the length of time on their end. I do still need them to see my availability via the calendar sync with google calendar/busy events (I love that feature by the way! 

    Looking forward to resolving this! 

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