Embed Options for Better Website Presentation




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    Amanda Lynn

    Hey Andrew -

    This is amazing! Thanks for consolidating this in your post. These are all great suggestions for ways we can improve our embed feature. Will share with the rest of the team. 

    - Amanda 

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    Yavuz Selim Aykaç
    G-SUITE for SMe/Enterprises with new Google Sites is good for non-IT-based mans like me:)
    How embed calendly  onto publishable google sites to let us create more dynamic&interactive web site portals for external users too? 
    For examples let clients to see service suppliers' free time on calendly and ask/arrange a video-meeting,
    and at that scheduled time, click on web-page to start  e-meeting asap in your private web frame's inside!
    Best, Yavuz, Mentor
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    Twenty Over Ten (Edited )

    Bumping this, as it's been over a year and none of these (very useful) options have been implemented.

    It would be great if we could at least hide the header profile/title from embeds that are going into a website page. It's confusing information and unnecessary when embedding in a lot of cases.

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