Fix for broken scroll navigation when Calendly external css is added



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    Valé Architects

    I believe this is the issue I'm having in squarespace,  The widget is preventing scrolling on mobile.

    I'm not html/css wiz but I tried adding these attributes to the code block and it didn't help. Probably because I have no idea what I'm doing.  I've put in a help request.


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    Tim Fletcher (Edited )

    Ooof. Yeah, Calendly's CSS is being a bad actor here. My best guess is that one of the other implementations (inline or pop-up widget) needs these global rules on the html and body tags and they only have a single CSS file that applies to all embed types.

    If you're using the Pop-up text embed then no CSS should be applied at all until the Calendly popup is active.

    In my situation I only need to 'fix' the `overflow-auto` rule applied to the body tag to return it to the default value, visible.

    body {
      overflow: visible !important;

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