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    Mark Burton (Edited )

    This is a great idea! Also with the new product extension for Chrome it would be great to have voting rights on "ad hoc" meetings inserted right into your Gmail. This would give everyone the possibility to vote on the best time to meet quickly.  

    Even just taking the idea from this forum with the upvote feature I think would benefit most teams for scheduling a certain time. 

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    Ben Hernandez

    Very much like this idea and ran in to the issue, which led me to this link. While calendly works well when there is an internal team, we are a consulting firm. As such, when we send potential times we are sending them to clients, who are not synced with our calendars. It may be a group of 5, all with different calendars and certainly not tied to our organization.

    In such an instance, it would  be nice for the group to each vote or mention which times of availability work for them as well, eventually leading to a meeting when all 5 choose the same day/time. Would be a great feature. We currently have to go outside calendly and use doodle for it as a band aid. 

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    Christopher Ryan

    ^ This is exactly the sticking point with me - when trying to schedule times with multiple members on the client side.

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    Ernst Baart

    Yes please 

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