Best practices for vacation and time off

Using your connected calendar vs availability settings

Calendly will check your connected calendar and availability settings to determine when you are available for bookings. For vacation and time off, you can use either of these methods to ensure you're only booked when you want to be.

As a rule of thumb, if you're not going to be working or taking meetings at all (think lunch breaks, gym breaks, holiday vacation, or time off), it's best to put a busy event on your connected calendar. 

If you're setting these unavailable hours within your availability settings, you'll need to put those times across multiple schedules and/or custom hours.

This means: It is faster and easier to put a busy event on your connected calendar.

If you are still available in some cases (think traveling for business, working irregular hours, skipping out on office hours), it's best to edit your date-specific availability in-app. This ensures the right people can still book or schedule non-Calendly events with you.

Using your connected calendar

Within your connected calendar, you can create busy events to create scheduling blocks for vacations and time off. 


Using your availability settings

Within Calendly, you can create date overrides to create scheduling blocks for vacations and time off.

  1. Navigate to your Availability tab
  2. Under Add date overrides select Add a date override.
  3. Select the date(s) you're wanting to adjust.
  4. Adjust your availability by adding or removing intervals under What hours are you available?
  5. Select Apply.