From templates to managed events

With the launch of Calendly’s managed events feature, you might be wondering what that means for your existing templates. Starting on July 30, 2022, you will have the option within your Calendly app to turn your templates into managed events. Beginning November 1, 2022, Calendly will automatically update all existing templates in your account into Managed Events.

What this means for you

Managed events will allow for more control and standardization across your organization’s event types. Please review this article for more details.

You will not lose anything in the transition to managed events. The only adjustment will be the tab name, going from “templates” to “managed events.”


How to migrate templates to managed events

  1. From your home page, select the account button, then admin management.

  2. Go to the templates tab.

  3. If you have not yet migrated your existing templates, you will see the following callout.


  4. Click Move templates.

The migration process may take a few minutes. An email will be sent to the address on file when the migration is complete.

Once the migration is complete, you will be able to use your new managed events! If you are a Teams or Enterprise user, make sure to go edit, lock, and sync your fields accordingly.

Note: In order to avoid user disruption, we will not remove or edit any existing users' event types that were created via templates. If you wish to override the event types created by templates, you will need to assign the managed events out to those users, and delete the old event types that you replaced.