Webex: app approval and security

This article outlines:

  • The Calendly approval process for Webex admins
  • Calendly’s security practices for the Webex integration

You can share this article with your Webex admin, so they have the necessary security information to understand the integration.

Connecting Webex requires Calendly app approval

When you attempt to connect to Webex, you receive an Access denied message and cannot continue.

You’ll need to reach out to your IT admin or Webex admin, who can update your integrations access within Webex. To find your Webex admin, view Contact your Webex site administrator.

Your Webex admin can follow the steps in Configure User Access to Integrations in Cisco Webex Control Hub to either approve Global Access to all apps, or approve access to only Calendly, which requires Webex's Pro Pack.



For an overview of Calendly’s security practices, please consult our privacy and security standards. See below for specific Webex security details.

OAuth Scopes

When connecting to Webex, Calendly requests the following scopes from Webex:

Scope What the scope does
meeting:schedules_read This scope lets Calendly pull Webex details into your Calendly account.
meeting:schedules_write This scope lets Calendly create meetings within Webex, as your Calendly meetings are scheduled.

This scope lets Calendly display the Webex account connected to your Calendly account.

For more details on Webex scopes, view Webex’s Meetings Overview.

What Webex data does Calendly store?

Calendly stores the following Webex data:

  • Webex meeting details, which are created as Calendly meetings are scheduled. These details are stored as the meeting location in Calendly.
  • Webex user details, so Calendly can associate the correct Webex user with the correct Calendly user.
  • Access and refresh tokens. Calendly encrypts access and refresh tokens. Calendly stores tokens to automatically run refresh logic, to keep your Webex connection healthy.

Calendly does not look at or store your Webex recordings.