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Term Definition
Account Everyone who uses Calendly to create and share events has an account!
Additional time before or after an event Extra time that can be appended before or after a Calendly event; can be helpful if you want extra time to prepare before a meeting, travel to an event, or clean up after a presentation.
Admin A person who manages an organization’s Calendly account, sees the Calendly billing info, and may also pay the organization’s Calendly bill.
API key A unique identifier used to authenticate a user, developer, or calling program to an API. You can use this to integrate with other software platforms or applications!
When you have free time on your Calendar.



Term Definition
Billing cycle The length of time between billing statements, referred to as “monthly billing” or “yearly billing.”
Book The act of selecting a time to meet
Brand Within Calendly, you can brand your event type pages with your logo. Also, control how Calendly's branding is displayed on your booking page and notifications (for example, Confirmation emails sent to your invitees will feature your profile picture, rather than a Calendly logo.)
Buffer Another way Calendly refers to additional time added before or after an event. This message will appear when troubleshooting if the added time interferes with your availability.



Term Definition
Calendly branding

Turning off Calendly branding will take away mention of Calendly on your scheduling page and notifications. Additionally, the confirmation emails sent to your invitees will feature your picture, rather than the Calendly logo.

Calendly confirmation page The default confirmation page when someone books a meeting. This can be changed at the event type level.
Calendly home page The area in Calendly where you can create and manage your events and event types.
Cohost Person who hosts an event with another person.
Collective An ET that allows multiple teammates to co-hosted events together.
Conflicts When you can’t book a specific time because there is another event.
EX: This event conflicts with another event on your calendar.
Copy link A way to share your booking link with invitees by copying the link to your clipboard and pasting it somewhere else.



Term Definition
Date overrides A setting you can use to adjust your availability for specific dates and exceptions to your weekly hours.
Days you’re not available Times or days on a schedule when you’re unavailable for meetings.
Don’t show on booking page Toggle whether an event shows up on your booking page or not.
Double-book Allow more than one meeting to be booked at a time.
Duration The time length of an event.



Term Definition
Email template Use a Calendly email template to create an email with workflows. Use variables that Calendly replaces with actual information about your invitees and event.
Event A meeting created from an event type.
Event link The link that you can share to invite people to book with you.
Event type An event format that can be reused.



Term Definition
Follow-up email Send customized follow-up emails to your invitees minutes, hours, or days after your event ends.



Term Definition
Group An event type in which there is one host and multiple invitees.
You can set a limit to the number of invitees in a given time slot if you choose.
Guest People outside an organization who are invited to participate in an event for the organization, but with limited permissions.



Term Definition

Person hosting an event.



Term Definition
Invitee People invited to an event, either by the host of the event or other invitees



Term Definition
N/A No glossary items.



Term Definition
N/A No glossary items.



Term Definition
Landing page The page for all your public event types to be displayed. This link can be shared.
Location Within the Location section of an event type, you can choose from the following location options:
  • in-person meeting (set an address or place)
  • phone call (inbound or outbound calls)
  • video conferencing: Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, or Webex, or GoToMeeting
  • custom location set by you, the host
  • custom location set by your invitee
Use the Location field to specify how and where you and your invitee(s) will connect at the booked time. The location entered will appear on the confirmation page after an event is booked and in the calendar event added to both you and your invitee's calendars.
Logo You can add a logo to all of your Calendly scheduling pages. Logos appear in the top left corner of an event type page



Term Definition
Managed event An event type that's controlled by an admin or owner, which they can assign to other people in their org.


A meeting created from a one-off meeting.
Meeting poll The host selects a time to meet with 2 or more invitees by letting them vote on the times they’d prefer to meet and leveraging their responses to book a time.
My events Meeting that have been scheduled through Calendly. Includes past, future (not scheduled), and scheduled events.
My profile The user's personal information within Calendly.



Term Definition
No-show This lets you as an event host mark whether or not an invitee attended a previously booked event. When combined with a reconfirmation workflow, you can track an invitee’s engagement before and after your event.



Term Definition
One-off meeting A meeting created separate from any Calendly event type.
One-on-one An event type used to book a meeting between one member and one invitee.
Owner Person who owns an organization’s Calendly account and pays the bill. Only one person within a Calendly account can be the owner.



Term Definition
Profile picture The picture of you that’s displayed to invitees and included on emails to your invitees when they book an event with you.
Change the profile picture that is displayed for your event types, shared event types, and landing pages.



Term Definition
N/A No glossary items.



Term Definition
Redirect to external site Add links to your Calendly confirmation page that invitees can click to display other sites outside of Calendly.
Reminder email Send customized reminder emails to your invitees minutes, hours, or days before your event starts.
Round robin An event type used to assign an event to a host from a pool of hosts
Routing  Using intake forms and form logic to direct invitees to specific event types.
Routing forms  The forms used to make routing happen.



Term Definition
Salesforce integration With the Salesforce package installed, Calendly’s Salesforce integration automatically sends meeting data to Salesforce to create and update your Salesforce records as your invitees book, cancel, and reschedule.
Schedule equally among hosts To have events assigned to team members evenly (optimize for equal distribution). Calendly will monitor how many events are distributed to each individual. If someone has been assigned too many meetings of this type, their availability will be hidden from the scheduling page until others catch up.
When optimizing for equal distribution, some time slots may not be offered if the only available team members have received too many meetings. Using
Admin Mode, you can see time slots that have been removed from the scheduling page due to unequal distribution.
Schedule with the first available When the distribution for a round robin event is set to schedule with the first available team member (Optimize for Availability), the available time slots that invitees see include all the available times of the team members who have been assigned as possible hosts the event. At whatever time any one team member is available, the corresponding time slot is offered for the event.
Schedules Availability settings for members (recurring and date specific hours) that are created once and can be applied to multiple ETs
Seats The number of open spots an organization pays for to assign Calendly accounts to its team members Customers are billed per seat, not per user.
single sign-on (SSO)
(SAML single sign-on; SAML SSO)
An advanced sign-in method used by large organizations to have one login for many applications.
Single-use link A link that does not allow for more than one booking after use. Once the event has occurred it can’t be book again until you create another link.



Term Definition
Team A group of people in an organization who share team event types and participate in the events created from those event types.
Team event type An event format shared by your team and shown (when active) on your team booking page.
Team member A person added to a team event type and landing page.
text template Use a Calendly text template to create a text with workflows. Use variables that Calendly replaces with actual information about your invitees and event.
Time frame Specific blocks of time during a day.
Time slot Times available for an invitee to book an event. A time slot is the same length as the duration of an event.
Timeline Keep track of the order and timing of automated workflows activities that happen around your events in a visual timeline. The timeline shows you when a new event is booked, the invitee who booked it, and the time the workflow ran for that event.
Times you’re both available Calendly’s ability to read multiple people’s calendars and surface times when both people are available.



Term Definition
User A Calendly subscriber in an organization managed by an admin or owner.



Term Definition
N/A No glossary items.



Term Definition
Weekly hours The hours you set during which you’re available and people can book events with you.
Welcome message A message you can display to invitees that land on your Calendly home page.
Workflows Use workflows to automate communications or tasks that you need to go out before or after your event.
Working hours (default) The name of the first schedule created during Calendly member onboarding.



Term Definition
N/A No glossary items.



Term Definition
Your calendar(s) Calendars that are connected to your Calendly account.
We use the calendars you connected to Calendly to determine when you’re available.
Your Calendly link/
Your booking page link
The link to your personal booking page that shows all the active event types for your team; can include a mixture of group, collective, and round robin event types.
Your team booking page A page within your team’s site that shows the times slots for a specific event.
Your team landing page Your team’s site with every public event type.
Your team link The link to your team booking page that shows all the active event types for your team; can include a mixture of group, collective, and round robin event types.



Term Definition
N/A No glossary items.