Calendly and the RBI e-mandate

What is the RBI e-mandate?

Starting on October 1, 2021, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) e-mandate directive took effect for recurring payments using India Bank cards. Based on the directive for recurring payments Calendly has adjusted its billing procedure for customers based in India.

Who is affected

Anyone whose billing zip code is located in India will be affected by this e-mandate.

What actions is Calendly taking to be compliant?

Every payment made to Calendly by customers located in India will require manual payment confirmation. Each billing cycle (either monthly or annually) Calendly customers located in India will receive an e-mandate compliant payment link via email. Payment must be received via the payment link within 14 days for your account to remain active.

What this means for existing customers

Each billing period, Calendly will send an automated message to affected users, titled "[Important] your invoice is due for payment.” By clicking the "Pay Now" button, you will be sent to a payment portal, where you can complete your transaction.


To avoid account cancellation, please be sure that your invoice is paid within 14 days of its due date. 

If your payment fails during this process, please contact Support via our Contact Us page for further authorization.

If you wish to make any changes to your subscription plan or seat count, please reach out to our billing team directly at

What this means for new customers

If you are paying for a Calendly subscription with an India Bank credit or debit card after October 1, 2021, and the payment fails, then you will need to contact in order to complete further authorization via email.