An overview of admin-managed event types

Admin-managed event types are in private beta. 

What is an admin-managed event type?

Admin-managed event types are reusable event types that admins can edit, lock, update, and assign to users. They are designed to give you, the Calendly admin, ultimate control over your organization’s scheduling experience.




Access and assign event types from one place

You can assign, unassign, edit, and delete event types from one centralized place.

Lock your event type settings

Users cannot change locked sections, so event types will be consistent.

Automatically push updates to assigned events

Changes will automatically push to event types that have already been assigned to users.

Onboard users faster, and prevent duplicate event setup

You can speed up onboarding by assigning an admin-managed event type to multiple users at once.

When to use an admin-managed event type

If you want the same event within your organization to adhere to specific standards or processes, then admin-managed event types are a good option.


Some events that are well suited as admin-managed event types include:

  • Demo call
  • Advising session
  • Candidate screening

With personal events

You can create admin-managed event types for personal event types (one-on-one and group).

At the moment, you cannot create admin-managed event types for team event types (collective or round robin), or assign them to group or team pages.


Admin-managed event types vs. templates

Calendly also offers templates, which you can assign to users as they join Calendly. However, you cannot lock or update templates once you assign them. Accordingly, we recommend that you get started with admin-managed event types, so you can have full control over your users' event types.


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