How managed events work

What sections can you lock?

Managed events have three lockable sections, shown below:


By locking a section, you'll also lock all the details belonging to that section:

  • What event is this?
    • event name
    • description
    • link
    • color
  • Invitee Questions
    • name field on the booking page (Name vs. First name and Last name) 
    • ability to add guests
    • ability to autofill invitee data
    • custom invitee questions
  • Notifications and Cancellation Policy
    • notifications, like email and SMS reminders
    • cancellation policy

The Location does not lock, so users can edit this section and choose which location works best for them. The Notifications and Cancellation Policy section stays locked by default.

If you lock and unlock sections

The lock functionality acts as both a lock and sync functionality; if something is not locked, any updates you make will not sync to the user. 

  • If you don't lock a section, users will be able to edit it.
  • If you update a section that is not locked, the update will not push over to the user.
  • If a user modifies an unlocked section, and then you decide to lock and update a section, your updates will override the changes the user previously made.

If you want to see who last edited an event type (and when)

You can see when an assigned event type was last edited and by whom. You can navigate to the user's page, select the assigned admin-managed event type, and view the last edited information at the top of the page:


If a link is already in use

When the link of a managed event conflicts with the link of an event type that's in use, you'll receive this message:


As an admin, you can choose to replace and notify, which will replace the link the user has set up for their existing event type. The user's event type will still exist, but their link will be appended with a 1, and will go from /url-name to /url-name-1

If an event type is already assigned

If you try to assign a managed event to a user that already has it assigned to them, Calendly will automatically let you know it's already been assigned: