Create and assign an admin-managed event type

Admin-managed event types are in private beta.

Before you begin...

  • You must be a Calendly admin on the Teams or Enterprise plan.

How to create an admin-managed event type

  1. To create an admin-managed event type, navigate to Account, and select Admin Management.

  2. Select the Admin-managed events tab.

  3. Select Create.
  4. Choose Create for either a one-on-one or group event type. For more details on these event types, view Configure event types.

  5. Set up your event type to suit your needs. For more tips and best practices, see Tutorial: Create and assign your first admin-managed event type


How to assign an admin-managed event type

Once your event type is built, you can assign your event type to one or more users.

  1. Select Assign to people, then select Assign.
  2. Type in the name of the user(s) you’d like to add, then select Add. Note that you can add active or pending users.
  3. From the Assign tab, you will see all the users that have this event assigned to them. You can choose to assign more users, or unassign any users. Note: Calendly is exploring ways to assign event types to all users and groups.

From the user’s page, your user will see that their event type is admin-managed, and they will see certain sections are read only: