How to install the Calendly package in Salesforce


Use these steps to install the Calendly package in your Salesforce instance.

Before you begin...

To integrate Calendly with Salesforce:

How to install the Calendly package in Salesforce

  1. In Calendly, visit your Integrations page and select Salesforce.
  2. Select Integrate Now.
    : To test and customize your setup before going live, you can connect your Salesforce sandbox.

  3. Enter your Salesforce credentials, and select Log In.

  4. Select allow access.

  5. Select Install the Calendly package, and select Install for All Users. Select Install.

  6. Once installation is complete, select Done.
  7. ⚠️ Once the package is installed, make sure to return to Calendly and select refresh to complete the connection between Calendly and Salesforce.

Note: If you see an error during installation, you may be using the Group or Professional edition of Salesforce. Your Salesforce edition must be Enterprise or higher to integrate via web service API.

What's next? 

Once you've installed the Calendly package in Salesforce, check out Calendly Salesforce package v2 post-install steps to learn how to test and customize the integration behavior.