Quickly create one-time events with one-off meetings

One-off meetings offer a quick and flexible way to host a one-time meeting with another person. You can create this light-weight event type using key settings like location, duration, and availability control.
This type of meeting is useful when you need to:
  • quickly schedule a one-time meeting with a high priority client
  • have more control over the time slots that you offer to your invitee
  • host a unique meeting that is independent from your established event types

Define the conditions for your meeting

To fit your hosting needs, you can define:
  • the name of the event
  • the duration
  • the timing 
  • the location
  • additional hosts

Choose the best time slots to share with your invitee

Select a schedule to apply to your one-off meeting to ensure that you are only offering times that you are available. You can see your calendar and choose time slots within your selected schedule and around your external meetings to share with your invitee. This gives you the control to plan exactly when you want to meet with your invitee instead of giving them access to your entire calendar.
When selecting your time slots, we will alert you if a slot you are about to select falls outside of your schedule or overlaps with an existing Calendly meeting. If the meeting you are creating is high-priority, you can select times over your existing, non-Calendly meetings to offer to your invitee. We will show you if a time slot you are selecting overlaps an event but you can still click to select that time slot to offer to your invitee. 

Share your one-off meeting link

Once you have chosen your time slots and finalized the meeting details, you can share the meeting link with your invitee. We provide you with two options for sharing this one-off meeting link:
  1. copy the meeting link and paste it into a message
  2. add the time slots you selected directly into an email




For an added touch of personalization, you can customize the meeting URL before sharing the link with your invitee.

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