How to create or update schedules from the mobile app

Create or update a schedule from the mobile app

Edit or create new schedules from the mobile app when your availability changes at the last minute and apply them to specific event types they affect.

  1. From the Event types screen, select the event type you’d like to edit.

  2. Scroll down to Days and times and select Schedule.

  3. At My Schedules, select View next to the schedule you want to update, then select Edit in the top right hand corner.

  4. (Optional) To create a new schedule, select + New Schedule, then set a Schedule name and select Create.

  5. To update the schedule, select the check box for the days you're available, then update the available time frames for those days as desired.

    • To add multiple time frames, select the + and enter the time you’re available. To delete, select the trash bin icon next to the time frame.

    • If you have recurring daily availability, set your hours for one day. Select the copy iconcopy_icon_mobile.pngand the corresponding days to apply the availability to those days. Then, select Apply.

  6. To adjust your availability for specific dates:

    • Select the + next to Add date overrides.

    • Select the dates you’d like to assign specific hours to, scroll down, and enter the start and end times of your availability for those dates.

    • Add additional time frames if needed by selecting + and remove time frames by selecting the trash bin icon next to the corresponding times.

    • Once finished, select Apply.

  7. Scroll down and select Save & Close.

  8. Then, select Done in the top left corner of the screen.

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