How to set up a one-off meeting from your web browser

Before you start…

  • If you need to edit your schedule, do so prior to sending your one-off meeting to your invitee. Your availability for this event will be defined by your schedule. 

  • A one-off meeting can only be used to schedule a meeting once. After the meeting has been scheduled, it will expire. 

Let's get started!

  1. From your Home page, select Create and select One-off meeting.

  2. Set the Duration of the meeting from the drop-down menu.
  3. Add any additional hosts by typing their name into the Host box. (To be added successfully, the other hosts must be part of your Calendly organization).

  4. If you have multiple schedules, choose which schedule you would like to use to define your availability for this event from the drop-down menu beneath your name. 

  5. Hover your mouse over the time slots on the calendar and select the ones that you would like to share with your invitee. By default, the 5 days view will be selected to show your availability for this meeting. When you hover over an external, non-Calendly event we will show you that the time slot is overlapping but you can still click to select that time to offer. Once you have selected all of your time slots, click Next.

  6. In the Meeting summary section, click view details to confirm the settings for this meeting and view the time slots you selected.

  7. Create the name of this meeting in the Meeting name section and set the location by choosing one of the options under the Location drop-down menu.

  8. If needed, click Add details/agenda to add any additional details for your invitee.

  9. Click Publish meeting.

  10. To add additional personalization, click within the box next to the meeting link to update the URL.

  11. Click Preview availability to view the time slots that you chose for this meeting. This is what your invitee will see when you share your meeting link with them.
  12. To share this meeting link with your invitee, click Copy link or select Add times to email to Copy times to clipboard.

If you need to access your one-off meeting link after you’ve closed this page, you can find it in your scheduled events tab.

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