How to create event type templates for users within your organization

If you're an account owner or admin, you can use this procedure to create and share event type templates with users within your organization.
  1. At the top of any Calendly page, select Account, then Users, then select Templates.
  2. Select New template.
  3. Select the event type you want to create as a template.
  4. Enter an Event name, Location, and optionally a Description for your invitees.
  5. Select Next.
  6. At Date Range, click Edit and select the number of days in the future that invitees can book this type of event.
  7. At How do you want to offer your availability for this event type? select to use the User's default Schedule, or Set custom hours for the event type. If setting custom hours, set the time frame you want team members to use when accepting meetings for this type of event. (Note: we already block times marked “busy” in the calendars that you and other team members connect to Calendly.)
  8. Select a preset Duration for the event or enter your own.
  9. (Optional) At Buffers, build in extra time before or after the event. (Tip: If you add extra time before and after an event, you may severely reduce the time you're available to book with.)
  10. Select Next.
  11. To see the scheduling page for the template, click View live page or select Templates to go back to your list and view your newly created template.
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