How to customize your team's scheduling pages

As an admin, owner, or team manager, you can customize the following on your team's scheduling page:
  • team name, that appears at the top of your team landing page
  • team page link, that you can send to allow invitees to view and book all of your team's public events
  • welcome message, that appears on your team landing page
  • team avatar, that can appear at the top of your team's landing page
  • and time zone.

To customize your team page

  1. From your Home page, select the team.
  2. Select the gear icon, then select Edit team.
  3. To customize the team name, at Team name replace the name.
  4. To customize the team page link, at Team page link, replace the link.
    • Note: the previous link will no longer be active once the new link is saved.
  5. To customize the welcome message, at Welcome message enter a new one.
  6. To customize the avatar, at Team avatar, select Choose File, select a photo, then select Open.
    • NOTE: the maximum file size is 5MB.
  7. To customize the team's time zone, at Time zone, select a new one.
  8. Select Save.