How to create a custom button within Salesforce Classic to email your Calendly link 

  1. From the Setup page and within the Quick Find / Search box, type Buttons and see the filtered results.

  2. Under any object you choose, select Buttons, Links, and Actions and see the page refresh.

  3. At Buttons, Links, and Actions, select New Button or Link.


  4. At Label, enter Email Calendly Meeting, then enter a Description.

  5. At Display Type, select Detail Page Button.

  6. At Behavior, choose Execute Javascript.

  7. At Content Source, choose OnClick Javascript.

  8. Within the editor box, copy and paste the following code:

  9. Within the code, replace ADD_YOUR_LINK with your Calendly link, then select Save.
    Note: Include https:// when adding your link.
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