How to update a case in Salesforce when an invitee books with you

To update a case when an invitee books with you

If you add a step in the flow to create a case and an event is rescheduled and you want to relate that rescheduled event to the case, then you'll want to add an Update Record element after the Case? Decision element and fill in the necessary fields:

  1. From your setup page locate the Quick Find / Search box in the top left-hand corner, then type flows.
  2. Under Build>Workflows & Approvals, select Flows. See the page refresh.
  3. At Flows, select Open for either the CreateEvent or CancelEvent flow.
    Note: Your organization's visual builder may be viewed in the Classic or Lightning experience. Functionality remains the same.


  4. From the Toolbox on the left-hand side, and under Data, drag an Update Records element to the flow and drop it next to the Case? Decision element.
  5. At New Update Records and under Label, enter Update Case.
  6. At How to find records to update and set their values, select Specify conditions to identify records and set fields individually.
  7. Object, enter Case
  8. At Filter Case Records, then
    - at Condition Requirements, select Conditions are Met.
    - at Field, enter Case ID. 
    - at Value, enter {!WhatRecordID}.
  9. At Set Field Values for the Case Records then
    - at Field, enter Priority.
    - at Value, enter High, then select Done.
  10. Select the line connecting the Case? Decision element to the Get Records, Find Publisher element and delete it. Then reconnect a line from the Case? Decision element to the Update Case, Update Records element, then connect a line from the Update Case, Update Records element to the Find Publisher, Get Records element. Then select, Save.
  11. To save the flow, select Save. Select Save As to save the modified version of a the flow. To activate the flow, select Activate.


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