How to avoid creating leads when invitees book with you

To avoid creating leads when invitees book with you

You can modify the flow to avoid creating leads. Instead of creating a new lead when an invitee does not exist in your Salesforce CRM, Salesforce will skip the step and only create an event or another standard (or custom) object such as a task or a case. To avoid creating leads:

  1. From your setup page locate the Quick Find / Search box in the top left-hand corner, then type flows.
  2. Under Build>Workflows & Approvals, select Flows. See the page refresh.
  3. At Flows, select Open for either the CreateEvent or CancelEvent flow.
    Note: Your organization's visual builder may be viewed in the Classic or Lightning experience. Functionality remains the same.saleforce_flow_navigation_v2.gif
  4. Scroll towards the right of the flow and locate the following elements:
    - Decision, Do we have a record? 
    - Assignment, Set Invitee Last Name
    - Decision, Invitee Last Name Exists?
    - Assignment, Set Default Last Name
    - Create Records, Create New Lead
  5. Select and delete all 5 elements leaving only the Create RecordsCreate Event element existing
  6. At the Decision, Event Owner? and Decision, User Found? elements, draw a line connecting them to the Create Records, Create Event element.
    Note: Failure to complete this step will result in a flow error.
  7. Select Save As to save the modified version of a the flow. To activate the flow, select Activate.


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