How to send a screenshot to Calendly Support 

To help Calendly Support resolve your issues faster and with less confusion, capture a screenshot and then share it with us.

1. Capture a screenshot: Use one of the following ways to capture a screenshot and save it to your desktop or photo collection:

2. Once you have your screenshot, you can review the following instructions to share it in a chat!

  • Share it via email: use your email provider’s attachment feature to attach the screenshot in an email message. If you use one of the following email apps or devices, follow these instructions:
  • Share it in a Chat: To attach your screenshot in chat, you can do one of the following: 
      • Use Upscope for a screen share session. If you're unable to participate in a screen share session, proceed to the next suggestion.
      • Use the paperclip icon in the lower left-hand corner to add your image
      • Drag and drop your image into the chat.