How to hide your personal email (use a no-reply email address)

Normally Calendly sends notifications using the email address that's associated with a calendar you connected to Calendly. You can choose to use a "no-reply email address" to hide your personal email; Calendly then uses "" as return address on notifications. This applies to email confirmations, email reminders, and email follow-ups.

  1. From the Event Tab of your Home page, click the event.
  2. Expand the Notifications and Cancellation Policy section.
  3. To have Calendly use a "no-reply" return address, in the Calendar Invitations section, select Switch to Email Confirmation then select Use a no-reply email address at the bottom of the page. 
  4. Select Save & Close.

When messages are sent using a "no-reply" email address, a message appears at the bottom informing recipients that the email should not be used for a reply and is only intended for sending messages. If recipients do reply, the email is sent to an unmonitored email inbox and will not be received.

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