Change your profile

Your profile contains information about you and your location. At any time you can add or change your:

  • Name
    Displays in Calendly and at the top of scheduling pages.
  • Avatar
    A representation of you that appears on your main scheduling page. (Note that your profile picture avatar must be at least 90px x 90px and less than 5mb in size.)
  • Date format
    Determines how dates display.
  • Language
    Displays your Calendly pages in this language. To change the language an event type’s scheduling pages, check out this article!
  • Time zone
    Determines the time zone used in Calendly pages. To change the time zone or an event type’s scheduling pages and emails, check out this article!

To change your profile information

  1. At the upper right side of any Calendly page, select Account, then Account Settings.
  2. Change your name, scheduling page welcome message, language, date format, country or time zone as desired.
  3. Click Save Changes.

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