Pro tips for interview scheduling


We take the work out of connecting so you can accomplish more. Using these proven pro tips will allow you to focus on the most relevant Calendly features so you can get time back for what matters: conducting productive interviews.

Calendly helps you achieve highly productive interviews by scheduling and automating communication for you. Interview individually, in groups or with multiple members of your team, all coordinated and synced with everyone's calendars. We help you secure talent and collect valuable feedback in record time.

Spend more time interviewing and less time coordinating

  1. Speed up the recruitment cycle. Improve time-to-hire by offering your candidates the opportunity to schedule as soon as they’re interested with link-based scheduling. Whether conducting remote, on-site, individual or panel interviews with members from your team, Calendly helps schedule candidates faster.

  2. Customize interviews according to your workflow. You can create different event types for each phase of the interview process—like the initial phone screen with the recruiter, the first face-to-face with the hiring manager and reference calls. You can even provide the candidate with next steps and day-of interview details by customizing notifications.

  3. Gain deep insight and valuable feedback. If you’re using Calendly to gather research, whether it’s UX feedback, case study interviews or a focus group, Calendly helps you connect with participants in a fast, convenient way. If you want to be super efficient and get feedback from multiple participants at one time (e.g. focus group), use group scheduling and select a maximum limit to set capacity. For remote interviews, leverage web conferencing or a video call to form a deeper connection than standard surveys.

  4. Automate to accomplish more. Whether you’re conducting a hiring or research interview, using custom questions to collect information allows you to be more prepared for the meeting. Reduce no-shows through reminders to make sure you’re making the most of you and your invitee’s time.

  5. Track your recruiting and hiring metrics. Use Calendly reports to view your past or upcoming interviews, track reschedules and cancellations, or view your team’s progress in the recruiting process. This is a great way to keep a pulse on metrics like conversion rates, time-to-interview and time-to-hire.

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