Getting started with iCloud calendar

How to connect your iCloud calendar

Before you start...

  • iCal versus iCloud Calendar: The Apple Calendar app (or iCal) you may be used to seeing on your MacBook or Phone isn't actually a calendar, but rather a calendar viewer. Since iCal/Apple Calendar functions as a display interface, this means it is not possible for Calendly to integrate directly with Apple Calendar/iCal. For example, if you main calendar is a Google calendar but you view it in your iCal app, you would need to connect your Google calendar instead. (For additional information, please see below).
  • For setup, we recommend having two tabs open: one for your Calendly Calendar Connection page and one for your Apple account.

1. Retrieve your app-specific password from Apple

Before connecting your iCloud calendar in Calendly, you'll want to retrieve your app-specific password from Apple. This app-specific password is different from your regular Apple password.

Apple requires an app-specific password, as well as two-factor authentication, to connect to third-party applications like Calendly. 

To retrieve your app-specific password:

  1. Sign in to

  2. From Security, turn on two-factor authentication (if you have not done so already).

  3. Under App-Specific Passwords, select Generate Password.

  4. Enter a password label (for example, "Calendly"). Select create.

  5. Copy the app-specific password.


Some Apple users have reported issues generating this password in the Safari web browser. If you are having similar issues, we recommend switching to a different web browser.

2. Connect your iCloud calendar to Calendly

  1. In a new tab, open Calendly, select your Account drop down menu in the upper right hand side, then select Calendar Sync.

  2. Select + Add Calendar Account.

  3. Next to iCloud calendar, select Connect.

  4. Enter your iCloud email address and paste in your app-specific password.

3. Confirm Calendly is using the correct calendar

You can ensure Calendly is checking and adding to the correct iCloud calendar by selecting Edit in Check for conflicts and Add to calendar.


From Edit, the calendars native to your iCloud account will show.



Can't see your calendar? 

Subscription calendars

Calendly cannot connect to iCloud calendars you subscribe to via URL. 

A subscription calendar will have a darkened icon next to it in the lefthand sidebar of your Apple Calendar. If you see a URL when you select the icon, this means you're subscribed to a public calendar, and Calendly will not be able to connect to it.


While Calendly cannot connect to subscription calendars, you can connect to a private calendar that's been shared with you, as long as you have View & Edit privileges for that iCloud calendar. Reach out to the owner of the calendar to request View & Edit privileges. Learn more about sharing iCloud calendars.

Calendar accounts not on iCloud

If you've added a separate calendar account (like Google or Exchange) to view on your local Apple Calendar (iCal), the account may not be connected to your web-based iCloud calendar. In this case, you'll want to connect your separate calendar account directly to Calendly, rather than connecting with an iCloud account. You can do so by selecting + Add Calendar Account and selecting the appropriate calendar platform.