Connect Calendly and your GoToMeeting account to generate a dynamic conferencing link for any of your event types. Invitees will receive location details in the confirmation notification after scheduling with you. The unique link will appear within the event details on the Scheduled Events tab on your Home page and under My Meetings in GoToMeeting. 



Connecting your GoToMeeting account

Access your Integrations page from the drop-down menu at the top-right of your Calendly account. Select the GoToMeeting option, and continue to connect your account.

Choose GoToMeeting as the location to any of your event types to have a dynamic conference link generated for each meeting. Invitees will receive the complete meeting details in their confirmation notification after scheduling with you.



Personal event types

Visit the Event Types tab on your home page and open the event you would like to edit. Expand the What event is this? section and click to add GoToMeeting as the location of the event. The location details will be included in event notifications sent to you and your invitees, so everyone will know where your meeting will take place.



Team event types

Navigate to the All Teams view on your Home page. Open the event you would like to edit, and expand the Team Members & Location section. Users must personally connect a GoToMeeting account to Calendly before it can be used as their location for team event types.

One user assigned to a collective event type will be chosen as the organizer, and the meeting will be hosted through their GoToMeeting account. You can manually reassign the organizer as long as another user has their GoToMeeting account integrated with Calendly.




Dial-in numbers

Paid GoToMeeting users can offer invitees a dial-in number in addition to the web conferencing link for each event scheduled. The dial-in number is generated from the Preferred Numbers set in your GoToMeeting account.

If you have multiple country codes selected, they will be displayed in the invitee notification as additional dial-in numbers.



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