(Beta) Calendly + Admin-Managed Outlook Calendar


Our Admin-Managed Outlook Calendar is currently in private beta, available to select users on our Teams plan and above.


Scheduling is quick and easy with the Admin-Managed Outlook Calendar from Calendly. Once connected, your users’ Calendly accounts will automatically consider their individual Outlook calendars when displaying available meeting times.

Integration details

As an administrator or owner of a Calendly account, you now have access to the Admin-Managed Outlook Calendar. The integration connects Calendly to Outlook via the Microsoft Graph API and enterprise Azure application permissions and requests User.Read.All and Calendars.ReadWrite permissions from MS Graph – documentation for which can be found here.

When permission is granted to Calendly, Calendly communicates directly with Microsoft to manage your Outlook information using asymmetric authentication. Note that through this integration, Calendly will retrieve a list of users within the connected Outlook account in order to match them with your Calendly organization. However, Calendly will only access calendar information for those users who have a Calendly account.

Beta limitations and workarounds

Ability to see all users and their connection status through the Admin-Managed Outlook Calendar page. We are working on building this into the integration as we continue development for our General Availability date. However, you can still see which users have and don’t have calendar connections established overall from your /users page.

Authorization types

Admin setup

Admins can connect and manage Outlook on behalf of their Calendly organization. The integration requires a Microsoft Admin to grant the Calendly application the necessary permissions to access information for all users in the organization. Currently, a Calendly Account Admin or Owner must also be a Microsoft Admin or work with their organization’s Microsoft Admin to set up this integration.

Once a Microsoft Outlook account is set up: 

  • Current users without an existing Outlook calendar connection will have their matching Outlook account’s calendar automatically connected.
  • All future users that are added to Calendly and have a matching user in the Outlook account will automatically gain access to Outlook for Calendly, saving users an onboarding step.
  • Admins also have the ability to prevent users from disconnecting the admin-managed integration themselves.
User setup

When an Admin-Managed Outlook Calendar is set up for your Outlook account, users that are part of that Outlook account and have also created a Calendly account will automatically have their Outlook calendar connected to Calendly.

However, each user will still be able to connect and manage their own personal Outlook integrations to Calendly using any personal set of Outlook credentials – including Outlook accounts not associated with the organization. Please ensure that you enable your team according to which calendar connections you allow within your organization.

Integration setup guide

Option 1: Entire organization setup *recommended*

This integration allows an Admin to set up Outlook on behalf of their organization. 

1. From your Calendly account, select the Integrations & apps page.

2. From the Integrations & apps page, select Admin-Managed Outlook Calendar.

3. Select Connect Outlook.

4. Select Copy link to copy the activation link and send it to the Microsoft admin within your organization.

5. Your Microsoft Admin will see the screen below when they navigate to the activation link. They then will need to log into Outlook to grant Calendly permission to access the Outlook account at the organization-level by installing the Calendly for Enterprise app in Outlook.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 10.52.14 AM.png

6. Success! Your organization is now connected to Outlook.

7. Now that you’re connected, you can do several things: 

  • Configure the ability for users to disconnect this Outlook connection for their personal user account. Note that users won’t be able to disconnect the connection for your entire account. Only Calendly Admins and Owners can do this.

  • Disconnect the connected Admin Managed Outlook account. As a Calendly Admin or Owner, you can disconnect the organization-level connection.

  • Connect another Outlook account. If your organization has multiple Outlook account's, you can connect another account by selecting “Connect Outlook”.


  • Admins can choose to allow or not allow users to disconnect Outlook from Calendly.
Option 2: Per-user setup

This approach requires each user to set up Outlook for themselves. 

  1. From Calendly home, a user can select the Integrations & apps page.
  2. From the Calendars tab, they will select Outlook Calendar.
  3. They will be taken to the Calendar sync page.
  4. They can then grant Calendly permission to access their personal Outlook account. 
  5. Success! They are now connected to Outlook.