Let invitees choose who to meet with

Create an event type on a team page that's tied to a specific user's calendar, allowing invitees to select who they'd like to meet. Give invitees the option to choose among:

  • members of a technical support team that have different specialties
  • teachers or faculty staff for advising or conferencing
  • members of a sales team that represent different regions 

Setting up a member selection event type

First, complete the steps to setting up a team page. Creating an event type to allow invitees to choose who to meet with is similar to creating a solo event, with a few additional steps. From the Team tab on your Event Types page, click + New Event Type next to the team page you prefer.

Choose Round Robin or Collective as the style of the event type, set the availability and select only one team member to be included.


Repeat the process for each individual, creating a separate event type for each person. Include the individual's name or role in the title of the event so invitees will be able to choose who to meet with from your team scheduling page.

Specify when your team members are available within a round robin event type

To set your hosts' availability for a round robin event type, follow the How to set host availability for multi-person scheduling procedure. 

If you're using the same availability for another round robin event type within your team, you can save time by selecting Copy availability from... within the When can others book this event? section of your event type. Select the event type you'd like to copy availability from, and it will automatically populate. 


As an alternative solution, check out Let invitees choose who to meet with using Routing Forms