Create and manage a team

When you use Calendly as a team, each team member enjoys their own personal Calendly link and our full suite of Premium or Pro features within their account. Plus, you receive all of our team-oriented features, including:

Whether you're the only one on your team using Calendly so far, or whether several colleagues are already on individual accounts, it only takes a few clicks to transition to a team account.

Create event type templates for users

As an Owner or Admin, you can assign customized event types to your users' accounts. Event type templates are predefined settings for the event types that can be assigned to new or existing users. Default templates are provided to get you started.

Visit your Admin Management page and select Templates to manage event type templates. Team owners or admin can also save solo event types to a template from the Event Types page. Select the gear icon associated with the event you'd like to save, then choose the option Save to Template.

A team owner or admin can add templates to existing users by navigating to the All Users view on their Event Types page. Expand the drop-down menu to the right of New Event Type for the preferred user, then select a template.

Add users and paid seats

Adding a new user simultaneously purchases a paid seat on your account and sends them an email invitation to join your team. Each new user gets their own account and individual Calendly page, along with event types you assign to their account. You'll also be able to include them in team scheduling.

Navigate to your Admin Management page and click Add Users. Enter the email addresses of the users you're adding to your organization then choose which event types they will start with.

A popup window will appear confirming the number of users you’d like to add, the cost of the new users and the prorated cost of your account as it currently stands. Once the changes are confirmed, invitations will be sent asking new users to join your organization. Monitor pending invitations from the Pending tab on the Admin Management page.

Those new to Calendly will set up an account while existing Calendly users will join your billing plan while their account settings and events remain intact.


Change user roles

You can update user permissions from your Admin Management page. Select the user you'd like to edit, then select Change role.


  • have their own personal scheduling page
  • can be added to a team and included in event types on team pages
  • can only edit the settings and event types of their personal page

Team managers

  • have all abilities of a user, and...
  • can create and manage event types that appear on a team page
  • can add/remove users from a team


  • have all abilities of team managers and...
  • can add/remove users
  • can add/edit/remove event types from users' accounts
  • can create teams
  • can manage billing for the organization


  • has all abilities of admin and...
  • can edit user roles
  • can reassign ownership (Note that an account can only have one owner. Once ownership is transferred to another user, the original owner loses owner permissions.)

To create team managers, navigate to your event types page and choose Edit team from the drop-down menu for each. Scroll to the members added to the team and check the box for them to manage the team.



Remove users and paid seats

To remove a user from your organization, visit your Admin Management page. Select the individual you would like to remove, and select Remove. When a user is removed from your organization, their paid seat remains. This allows you to invite a new user to your organization in their place without having to purchase an additional seat.

If you do not plan on inviting another user, remove the remaining paid seat from your Billing page. From Make changes to your plan, select Remove seats. Enter the number of seats you'd like to remove, and select Remove seats.


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